Stand Up! A Glimpse into my Beliefs

With social pressures and opportunities arising to have a “good time”, why do I choose to say no to a drink or cigarette, walk out of a movie, and not wear the trending style? When “everyone else is doing it” and “just once won’t hurt you” are popular phrases going around these days, why do I still go against the crowd and stick out? It all comes down to the core of my beliefs. My beliefs center on my Heavenly Father and the fact that He has given me an immeasurable gift–my body.

The body is an amazing network of nerves, bones, muscles, organs, and much more working together in harmony to give us the gift of life. There is a delicate balance needed to maintain the optimal function of this priceless gift. I believe in taking the best care possible of my body and I try not to take anything in that will harm me. In my religion, we do not believe in drinking alcohol, smoking, or doing drugs. We try to keep our bodies as pure and clean as possible so that our bodies can function to the full capacity that our Father in Heaven intended. As we show respect to our bodies, we show respect to our Creator.

So yeah, sometimes I stick out like a sore thumb for not drinking and stuff, but hey…

1973307_10203393653589220_1302023978_o …who ever said you can’t have some good ol’ fashioned fun with a chocolate milk “cheers”?! 😉

But with the things I don’t believe in doing, comes the things that I do believe in doing! And that is taking things into my body that will help me become and stay healthy. Also, staying active and exercising help me to keep this gift that Heavenly Father has given me healthy and strong.


So I DEFINITELY believe in eating healthy and taking care of my body.

I mean…who doesn’t just love to eat?!

I know I do 😉

I’ve also learned and believe that we are affected by our surroundings. I try not to participate in any activity that makes me feel dark, dreary, or uncomfortable. Yes…that has meant walking out of a movie theater when the film gets inappropriate and asking my peers to refrain from swearing around me. It’s not always the easiest thing to do. But I know that I am becoming the person I want to be and the person my Heavenly Father wants me to be because I know what I believe, and I follow through. And I mean…


Nobody’s ever too old to enjoy a classic Disney movie right?? 😉

Another ever-present temptation for me is to alter the way that I dress to what everyone else around me is wearing. I mean, while everyone around me is wearing tanktops, short shorts, and bikinis, why do I choose to wear the complete opposite? Well, one reason is because I don’t feel comfortable showing too much skin…it’s a personal thing I guess:) But secondly, going back to my views that our bodies are a gift from our Heavenly Father, I want to dress in a way that shows respect to myself and to my Creator. I believe that my body is a temple, and since a temple represents purity and righteousness, I want to dress this “temple” that Heavenly Father has given me in a similar way. I find myself more confident and outgoing when I dress in the way that I believe my Father in Heaven would want me to.


I may not be wearing the most trendy or current fashions as the rest of the world, but I still try to be “fashionable” in my own way;) And as I decide each morning what to wear, the words of my favorite religious leader ring in my ears…

“Modest is HOTTEST!!”

And you know what? I believe it and I live it! 😀

So those are some of my core standards. I won’t bore you with more:) But I love the life that I have led so far! I’ve been told that I’m missing out on the fun that life has to offer and have been asked why I live the way I do. I tell them that my beliefs are what make me ME! I have found through living my beliefs that they really are good! In the scriptures it reads “by their fruits ye shall know them.” I have tasted the fruit of my beliefs as I have lived them, and I have only seen good come of them. I live my beliefs because they make me happy 🙂 And what is the purpose of this life? 


I invite you to go out and find what makes you YOU and stick to it! It is when we stand up for what we believe in that we find what we truly believe. So don’t be afraid when the going gets tough…


Because when you stand with God, you never stand alone!

😀 😀 😀

To find out more about what I believe and my religion, visit my profile at:

If you have any questions, I’m the gal to message! You can find me on FB too 🙂

And don’t forget…SMILE! You’re a child of God!!



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