The Hike up Spirit Mountain

Everyone is on their very own spiritual journey. We always have Christ to be there with us, but sometimes, He sends a friend along to help share, to lift and to love. Sometimes, He will send your friend YOU.

Imagine yourself living this story. Imagine it is real. Imagine your best buddy. They need help. And you are the only one who can be there.

I’d tell you to close your eyes and imagine but…well…you can’t…you gotta read:)


You just came back from the most epic hike of your entire life.


You just climbed to the top of Spirit Mountain.

Not many people have done it and you feel great! You take a second and look back at all the preparation it took. Not only had you worked hard to get your body in peak form, but you had put hours into studying the scriptures and praying…you were hiking to the top of Spirit Mountain so of course you needed to prepare spiritually too! Now that you’re back from the hike, you can’t contain yourself. You just HAVE to get out and share this experience with you best buddy! You’ve caught the spirit of Spirit Mountain and you want your buddy to have this spirit too! So you hop in your car and you drive 5 over the speed limit the entire way to his house because you just can’t wait to tell him! You screech to a halt in front of his house and the car is hardly in park before you’re already out the car door and knocking on his door.

*knock knock knock*

Your foot is tapping and your excitement mounts as the seconds pass. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, your friend opens the door. Your excitement bubbles over and you just start gushing about your amazing hike and trip. Your buddy lets you in and can hardly sit down before you are telling him all about your hike! The great exercise it was, the amazing scriptures you read,

                  the testimony you gained of Joseph Smith,

                                             and the closer to Heavenly Father you feel.

                                                                                             You look into your friend’s eyes

and his curiosity has been piqued!!

The spirit that you gained on Spirit Mountain comes rushing back with full force and you invite him to climb Spirit Mountain with you.

He hesitates a bit

You realize that he’s nervous! He’s not sure if he’s ready for that yet. You encourage him to exercise every day to be physically ready and then you teach him how to pray. You place a copy of the Book of Mormon in his hands and tell him to read it. You teach him where it came from and you invite him to prepare for this hike up Spirit Mountain.

It’s silent for a minute as you anxiously await his answer…

                                                  …he looks down for a bit…

…and then looks up with a smile.

two-ym-scriptures-618390-galleryHe says YES!!

Over the next few weeks you meet up with him and teach him more to help him prepare. Finally, after much anticipation, the day arrives! It’s time for you both to hike Spirit Mountain.

As you reach the bottom of the mountain, you both look up and see the peak of Spirit Mountain.

You look over at your buddy and you can tell he’s a little nervous. You put your arm around his shoulders and remind him how amazing reaching the top of the mountain will be…

You invite him to say a prayer,

                 asking for strength to make it to the top of the mountain

                                                                                               and for the experience to be worthwhile. family-hiking-1309815-gallery

As he is offering his prayer, you are filled with memories of how wonderful your climb up Spirit Mountain was and once he says “amen” you excitedly pull him up the trail. As you are hiking, you see many incredible sights of nature. There is a doe and her fawn grazing in the distance, majestic waterfalls to the side of the trail and many more wonderful sights, but you know your purpose and you don’t want to distract your buddy from making it to the top of Spirit Mountain.

Whenever your buddy stumbles or begins to lose faith, you encourage him by telling him all about your climb and how rewarding it was to reach the summit. You promise him that as long as you stay on the trail and follow the trail markings, you will make it to the top. You promise you’ll be there every step of the way. And you are.

The moment your feet reach the top of Spirit Mountain you are just overcome.

You feel like you could do anything in the entire world!

The Spirit testifies to you that what you have been teaching your buddy is true. All that preparation was worth it, and all the struggles with your friend were worthwhile. This is why you were so pumped to get your friend up Spirit Mountain! You wanted him to feel this feeling!

You look over at him.

He is just beaming with silent tears coursing down his cheeks

and you know.

You know that after all of his hard work he finally understands. He now has felt the power that you kept promising would come. He now knows for himself.

You might even say, he has finally been converted.

And Heavenly Father sent and needs YOU to be there for them

every step of the way

🙂 😀 🙂


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